Charter A Private Jet In The State Of California

Legacy Aircraft From Blue StarOver the past few years private jet charters have been on the increase throughout the United States and across the world. California has definitely been one of the hot spots along with Miami and London, United Kingdom. Dubai and Australia are also very popular, although we’re noticing a trend in Canada as well.

We can understand why California would be such a hot spot for luxury or Business Jet Charters. Considering there are so many different movie productions and movie stars that live throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. It would only make sense that it would be a high traffic area for frequent personal flights.

San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach and Oakland or also very popular places. Considering they have their own airports as well as private airports within each county. That’s how you know that it’s a popular state for Aviation travel.

Since there’s so many options to schedule a private jet charter within the state of California its much easier than in some other places. There is pretty much an airport in almost every town in each county. Of course there are exceptions, however this makes finding it convenient airport very easy especially for the first time flyer. Imagine driving down the road for about 20 minutes and arriving at the airport with no line ups or baggage check.

There are very few companies that cater to all of these different airports, so it’s very important to try and connect with a company that has access inescapable of meeting your needs. It’s never fun to charter an aircraft and have to travel more than an hour to reach your airport. In an ideal world you should just have to travel 30 min max to really enjoy this type of service.

If you really think that flying private is for you, then take a look at a few of the different options available here.

Go Hands Free Or Go With The Original Segway?

Zero G - 2 Wheel Self Balancing ScooterLet’s face it, the original Segway has had its days numbered. Everyone’s looking to get their own hands free segway instead and don’t really care for the big bulky old school version that was not even that popular to begin with. Who really wants to ride on a device that is almost five and a half feet high and looks almost like a tractor. In today’s age is too large and unconventional for the modern user.

In the beginning we were never really big fans of the Segway. It never really appealed to us as teenagers growing up. It just looked like a really big wheelchair for people that wanted to look cool. When we were teens riding a motorcycle was cool not really riding a Segway. As time has turned the name has slowly become cool again, although its not really associated with these scooters to begin with.

If Segway was smart they would actually collaborate with these scooter designers, although they are set in their ways and will never want to change their vision. Why collaborate with something that’s cool? Why not just try to sue them? That’s a much better strategy for a disgruntled and irrelevant company. Right? Just ask Inventist. However we do believe there will be a tough battle for anyone to stop these new hands free segway boards from production.

In the end if we had to choose we would definitely go with the two wheel self balancing scooters. They are so much more futuristic in the way they operate and allow you to do all different types of maneuvers and tricks. There have been rumors that there will be a new rendition of the old school model, although we are yet to see more information on this topic.

In our opinion though it’s going to be very hard to beat these hoverboard style scooters when the Internet has gone wild since their inception.

Discounted Charter Rates

Jet Suite: Excellent DealsAs a charter broker many of my friends contact me looking for deals on flights nationally and internationally. Many trips are arranged for business purposes and for leisure and in most cases even though my friends have a lot of money, they definitely want to get an excellent deal.

Many new private jet charter customers are clueless as to how much it actually costs to book one of these flights. That usually results in many requests but very few clients that actually follow through with a booking.

It can be kind of frustrating. As a charter sales rep / broker you would figure that most people inquiring about a private jet flight would know that it’s not anywhere near your traditional commercial flight price range. Although, that is definitely not the case. With that being said it almost feels as though the only way to sell A charter these days is too work at a discounted company that does last minute bookings.

There are actually quite a few of these available if you do a search online. They actually help customers book last minute flights for prices in the range of $500 and below. There are deals that range up into the two or $3,000 range, although those are usually special trips to high-end destinations.

Choosing a discounted charter company can save you a ton on travel and leave you with more money to spend while actually at your destination.

Should I Buy A Private Jet For My Business?

Cessna Citation Hemisphere Release InfoFor the past 10 plus years I’ve had the privilege of working full time as a motivational speaker. With this job I would travel pretty much everywhere on the world to deliver a message about positivity and focus to the youth across nationally and internationally. As time continued my popularity grew and the number of shows I did per year skyrocketed. It’s now come to the point where I need an easier way of traveling to so many different places throughout the year.

Buying a small jet is something that I really thought about, although I realized that I’m probably going to have a few more people traveling with me on a regular basis than I expected. Which isn’t so bad considering that the budget now covers it. With that knowledge, we decided to upgrade to a medium-sized jet which will allow for more passenger room and seating.

This is kind of a first time investment for my company and we want to make sure that we do it right. So we are making sure to follow all of the proper steps and procedures and double checking as I go along. We want to make sure that our first experience is a good one period plus we don’t want to have any reasons for legal issues in any way.

One thing that we really had to decide upon before finalizing our negotiations is whether or not we wanted to hire a management company or take care of it ourselves. We have a fairly good connection with other pilots and could probably round up a decent crew. Although, in order to save the hassle we think we’re going to go with the management team that is supplied already with the lease. These types of negotiations are usually called an ACMI lease and are generally more expensive than a regular lease.

Another benefit of opting to use the management team that is supplied with your lease is that you lower the risk of any legal violations being present. To get more info on buying or leasing a jet, click right here.